Force-on-Force Simulations

Simajin Force on Force SimulationsRhinoCorps’ Simajin Modeling and Simulation Tool Suite has been leveraged to develop a high-fidelity force-on-force simulation tool. Simajin is a low overhead, highly capable simulation used to model and capture complex interactions between simulated human players, vehicles, weapons and their surroundings. Previous to this development, force-on-force modeling and simulation tools were typically only possible at the aggregated unit level and used high-level approximations to control interaction, but now with the development of RhinoCorps’ Human Model, force-on-force simulations can be conducted at the individual human level. RhinoCorps’ force-on-force simulation can fill your constructive needs whether in urban, battlefield, or airspace environments.

The architecture of the Human Model allows each agent-based player to be assigned a set of objectives and tasks which guides the agents actions and responses. These fully automated agents have a set of innate behaviors that support their existence in complex environments. Unlike traditional products that use scripted actions or only allow for semi-automated forces, the Human Model facilitates complex and robust automated behavior for individual people and for groups of people. Users have control over many human physical and cognitive performance measures. With this capacity to customize the forces, users can ensure the agents are best representations possible for the offensive and defensive forces.

Whether developing, designing or studying your planned defensive or offensive operations, Simajin will support your needs. Applications for force-on-force simulations include:

  • Mission RehearsalsEST
  • Evaluating and Supplementing Exercises to Illustrate Compliance with Threat Requirements
  • Provide Credible Behavior/Reactions for Constructive Forces in a Training System
  • Analyze Tactics, Techniques and Procedures Prior to Developing Training Programs
  • Evaluate Effectiveness of Weapons, Vehicles or Other Procurements Prior to Acquisition

In the course of executing the offensive or defensive plan the agents will engage the identified opposing force using the weapons and tactics available. A credible, dynamic, and consistent adversary force is vital to the realism of the force-on-force simulation. Additionally, most force-on-force simulations lack realistic communications since they assume perfect communications between simulated entities, however, using Simajin individuals maintain their own perceptions of reality and per their tactics communicate information up and down the command chain.

Our force-on-force simulation includes a customizable DIS interface to ensure the best of breed models from any and all simulations tools can be leveraged. Simajin has been used to drive several commercial image generators, integrated with an engagement skills trainer to provide more realistic target behaviors/responses, as well as, Command Post of the Future (CPOF) and Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below (FBCB2). The simulation can typically execute at, or faster than, real time, depending on the quantity of forces, as well as size and details, of the surrounding exercise area of the simulation, which when combined with the Simanij simulation management tool allows you to quickly execute the sample size required for your specific application.


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