RhinoCorps is proud to offer and support four world-renown modeling and simulation products:

Simajin, Vanguard, BioSim, and SNAP
Simajin, Vanguard, BioSim, and SNAP

The Simajin (sim-a’-jin) Application Suite is a general-purpose, agent-based computer simulation that can be used for many different applications over a wide range of scope and fidelity, and is based on  30+ years of proven experience and application. Simajin simulation capabilities are essentially limitless – only limited by imagination and ability to generate and develop relevant data. The Simajin Application Suite is extremely flexible due to architecture – can easily change data (not code) to incorporate new study parameters, update system performance, change strategy/tactics, etc. Use of Simajin leads to reduced cost, reduced simulation / study time, reduced program risk and, significantly reduced cost as part of overall program costs regardless of size – minimal upfront costs for tool that can be used throughout development and acquisition efforts with minimal change.

Simanij (Simulate + Manage) is a general purpose text-processing tool that uses input template files to generate a graphical user interface (GUI), run simulations/executables, and produce and display output. User selections in the GUI are used to dynamically create the input files for consumption by any executable process that accepts flat file input. Executions can also be completed without the use of the GUI by running Simanij from a command line; in this case, default values defined in the template files are used as the “user selections.” This capability makes Simanij a good tool for automated testing of any executable.

DesignatedMark_PrintVanguard is RhinoCorps’ Vulnerability Assessment Analysis Tool developed using the Simajin Application Suite. Vanguard offers a unique capability to quantify the Physical Security Process using modeling and simulation. Vanguard will support assessments and analysis of your current or planned security posture for either commercial or government critical infrastructure sites. Vanguard provides a highly dynamic simulation that enables physical security simulations across a range of environments and with any number of threat vectors and variables. It allows analysts to quantify how well protective measures will repel, or defeat, a suite of tailored threats; further, it allows for the analysis of countermeasures whether that be personnel, material, tactics, techniques, or procedures to reduce risk to manageable levels. Vanguard helps decision makers make truly effective physical security planning decisions that are backed by solid, intelligence-based scenarios, and statistically valid analysis.

Archos is RhinoCorps’ Military Training Simulation, developed using the Simajin Application Suite. Archos provides a fully automated simulation environment for conducting dynamic stand-alone or collaborative training exercises and tools to support After Action Reviews (AARs). Archos integrates live, virtual and constructive (LVC) simulation elements to produce a comprehensive and robust training and exercise system. It simulates realistic reactions to orders, detection opportunities, communications and weapons effects that enable students to train realistically and efficiently. Both instructor and student interfaces are simple to use, powerful and provide the flexibility required to support the training objectives. RhinoCorps’ commercial engine ensures well-proven system maturity across a number of use cases, with a diversity of customer input continually advancing the product. No other simulation includes the rich human behavior models that allow simulated players to autonomously execute complex orders.

All products are supported with RhinoCorps’ extensive, ‘World-Class’ documentation (that includes both reference manuals as well as ‘how-to’ guides), structured training programs, and expert service to support your simulation needs.

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