Archos: Training Simulation

RhinoCorps’ Archos Military Training Simulation provides a fully automated simulation environment for conducting dynamic stand-alone or collaborative training exercises and tools to support After Action Reviews (AARs). Archos integrates live, virtual and constructive (LVC) simulation elements to produce a comprehensive and robust training and exercise system.


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At the foundation of the Archos product is the Simajin® Application Suite. Simajin is a low overhead, highly capable simulation used to model and capture complex interactions between simulated human players, vehicles, weapons and their surroundings. Simajin’s high fidelity behavior models ensure instructors and students only need to provide high-level orders to stimulate forces. This dynamic, non-scripted behavior both minimizes long-term cost of ownership and number of training staff while maximizing trainee realism, confidence and resultant learning.

The Archos Military Training Simulation provides a fully automated simulation environment for conducting stand-alone or collaborative training exercises. It allows instructors to compose combat teams, edit/develop training missions that include enemy and civilian responses, modify tactical data and execute training missions all inside the constructive simulation training facility. It simulates realistic reactions to orders, detection opportunities, communications and weapons effects that enable students to train realistically and efficiently. Both instructor and student interfaces are simple to use, powerful and provide the flexibility required to support the training objectives. Further, Archos includes extensive post-exercise support tools that include both the ability to playback or restart a simulation as well as standard and custom report options (such as Death Plots©, Shot Plots©, Lethal Force© reports, and Player Action Log©) designed to support AARs. The built-in network-based radio system allows students to communicate during the exercise, and the recorded radio traffic is correlated to the simulation playback.

The Archos interface provides a rich constructive training environment in which students and instructors can interact with fully automated or semi-automated simulation players. RhinoCorps’ commercial engine ensures well-proven system maturity across a number of use cases, with a diversity of customer input continually advancing the product. No other simulation includes the rich human behavior models that allow simulated players to autonomously execute complex orders. Traditional products that use scripted actions or only allow for semi-automated forces require significant numbers of operators to execute missions and thus substantially decrease the training opportunities while increasing operating cost.ArchosRoles


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