To ensure end-to-end security system effectiveness measurement, RhinoCorps has developed and deployed the Pioneer combined physical and cyber pathway tool. Pioneer leverages the same facility model used in Vanguard with some additional meta-data that define construction materials and detection capabilities. To support pathway identification, RhinoCorps’ Pioneer identifies optimal routes and tools for every possible pathway to a target or target set. Users can select adversary skill level, allowed breaching tools, as well as provide a response time and detection threshold. Finally, Pioneer can generate initial attack plans that allow analysts to focus on turning the pathway into a real world attack scenario.

In addition, users may include potential detection and/or engagement data that support casual observance and traversal difficultly. Using the Simajin Clear Line Of Sight tool (CLOS), users can generate detection maps for cameras, post positions, firing ports using either detection ranges or engagement ranges allows by the weapon system and the training program in place at the facility.

Shown below is a screen capture from the pathway analysis for the sample Lone Pine Nuclear Power Plant (LPNPP). LPNPP was developed as a surrogate facility that allows training on a conceptual nuclear power plant that has all the features of an actual plant.


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