Simajin: Simulation Application Suite

The Simajin® Application Suite offers a comprehensive simulation and analysis toolbox for solving your complex questions and concerns. The Simajin Application Suite is a general-purpose simulation application construction and experimentation tool. The simulation engine is agent-based, data-driven, and useful across a wide variety of scope and fidelity. This includes:

  • the temporal domain (seconds to decades);collage
  • the spatial domain (less than one meter to thousands of kilometers);
  • the geographical domain (air, land, sea, subsurface, space); and,
  • the representational domain (single to hundreds of thousands of entities)

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The Simajin® Application Suite is composed of the:

The Simajin Simulation Engine has a rich heritage and has been built on 30+ years of experience. All aspects of a scenario can be evaluated, including logistical, medical, economic, environmental, political, etc., components. It has a flexible, realistic, balanced representation of behavior – both the physical and cognitive aspects.

In addition to providing the foundation of RhinoCorps’ widely used Vanguard: Vulnerability Assessment Tool and Archos: Training Simulation Tool, Simajin Simulation Applications have been developed to support and analyze areas such as:

  • Biological Incident Modeling and Response Logistics
  • Radiological Incident and Evacuation Modeling
  • Metropolitan Transit Systems
  • Human Model
  • Tactical Unit Level Force-on-Force Engagements
  • Strategic Warfighting
  • Emergency/Health-Care Response to Natural Disasters
  • Environment Management
  • Crowd modeling at Large Scale Events
  • Insider-Analysis
  • Combined Cyber/Physical Security
  • Air traffic and Ground Control Operations at Airports


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