Simajin Engine

tree_300Simajin® simulation capabilities are virtually unlimited – if you can imagine it, we can simulate it! It is extremely powerful and flexible – Simajin® is:

  • Stand-alone or Network capable and is Highly Portable (Windows, Mac OS, Unix, Linux)
  • A Fast Solver (event-stepped, asynchronous time stepped) with 2D/3D graphic visualization of the results available in addition to data regarding any event
  • Capable of running with multiple simultaneous levels of detail within the same scenario (all detail is not required to start thus can get results as continue to build scenario)
  • Capable of generating automated batch runs that can produce statistically significant data for any point of interest in the simulation (100s to 1000s of data points)
  • Capable of running detailed simulation(s) synchronously with aggregated simulation using various network protocols (e.g. TCP/IP, HLA)
  • Capable of integrating algorithms from detailed simulation(s) into aggregated simulation

Simajin® is unconstrained in scope and detail and is capable of simulating:

  • Force on Force (groups, masses of individuals acting collectively with and against others) down to single person level of detail (“1” vs none up through 100s of 1000s of entities)
  • The mental aspects and actions of an individual (or group) based on decision making processes, standard operating procedures or responses based on experience, information and misinformation, perceptions [separated perceptions and reality], observations, etc.
  • Strategies & Tactics, user defined tactics and plans – no organizational limits
  • Sensors, Weapons and weapon effects to include CBRNE, Vehicles, Networks, Communication Architectures, Consumables and Expendables, etc.
  • A wide range of time durations & geographical limits to include Boundaries (rivers, borders, etc.), Infrastructure (roads, buildings, networks), Environment (including weather), Terrain (including DTED), Curved/Flat Earth
  • Transitions, e.g., peacetime to war to peacetime possible

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