Software Development

Government Off the Shelf

RhinoCorps has maintained government off-the-shelf software in a variety of manners. RhinoCorps elite developers have served as tiger teams for professional review and remediation of problems. RhinoCorps has served in long-term maintain capacities for national laboratories. Finally, RhinoCorps has integrated with other GOTS software on an as needed basis.

Scientific Software Solutions

RhinoCorps has experience developing and maintaining scientific software. RhinoCorps’ own proprietary simulation relies on complex geometric algorithms, rich sensor models, rich EM propagation, and much more.

Real-Time Applications

RhinoCorps has experienced expert personnel who can meet your software development needs quickly and efficiently. We develop cross-platform applications for business and scientific solutions. Our application development approach helps reduce performance risk in the engineering process and ensure customer satisfaction in the end product implementing engineering and documentation standards like UML (Unified Modeling Language) and the DoD-adopted IEEE/EIA standard 12207.


Databases are the engines that drive the information age. Relational database have moved beyond their roots to NoSQL large-scale eventually consistent systems. We are experts in the development and application of databases and database systems . We perform data modeling, database implementation and maintenance, functional interface design and stored procedure development. We can design and implement server- and application-level security and authorization schemes. We have expertise in all major database software applications, such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase, Informix, mySQL, PostresSQL, SQLite and MS Access.

Information Management Systems

Because of RhinoCorps rich simulation heritage, we are accustomed to working with inordinate amounts of data. Need to get more information out of the data you have? Need more data to make your information complete? In today’s information and digital age, data is not the problem — it’s collecting the right data, putting the data together (data correlation, data fusion, etc.) to maximize the information content, then presenting that information in such a manner as to correctly communicate the information contained within. RhinoCorps is ready to provide next generation machine learning and data analysis techniques to get the most out of the data you have.

2D & 3D Visualization

The world moves in an ever-increasing speed and technology changes almost daily. In these times, it is important to remember that you don’t have to keep your visualizations in 2D. With 3D rendering, an image can take on a whole new meaning and better convey information. In the world of simulations and modeling, it is essential that the visualizations be as realistic as possible to get the best overall impression. We can develop the visualization you need. Whether it be a two-dimensional rendering of the results, or in three-dimensions, static or dynamic, we can insure the information you intend to portray is accurately represented and “transmitted” and/or displayed with the fidelity you require; and, more importantly, that fits your budget. Jasmin, RhinoCorps in-house developed visualization software, handles large scale terrain rendering and large, outdoor scenes. RhinoCorps also has experts in charting and data display using OpenGL, WebGL, Java 3d. and a variety of other rendering technologies.


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