Web-Application Development

Supporting DOE, SNL aDoD Customersnd NNSA in the development and implementation of an interactive web-based communications, management and information systems for program control. Efforts involve the development and maintenance of software applications for the web, analyzing scientific, development, business, and other problems, identifying functions to be programmed, information processing techniques to be used, and data representations drawing information from diverse data base sources within SNL.

RhinoCorps has led the development, testing and implementation of both the PLATR (PLan, Approve, Track, Report) and the Milestone Reporting Tool (MRT). Both were developed as management tools to manage, track and report program and project technical, schedule and cost status, identify issues, identify and mitigate program risk, and track resolution. PLATR was developed for internal SNL use and is compatible with existing WBS structures.

The Milestone Reporting Tool is designed for use at the DOE nuclear weapons complex level to provide up-to-date accurate program status in meeting and tracking national milestones for weapon program development activities. The RhinoCorps development and implementation of these web-based applications has been lauded throughout the DOE. Other development support for SNL and the NNSA includes the Contractor Performance Evaluation Tool (CPET), the SNL Tool for Evaluating Performance Evaluation Plans (STEP), the SNL Tool for Evaluating Milestones (STEM), Review and Approval (RAA), Electronic Component Analysis, Testing and Tracking (eCATT), and the Laboratory ES&H (Environment, Safety and Health) Self Assessment (LESA).

RhinoCorps application development includes developing and maintaining workflow enabled applications using the Action Technologies Workflow System. We have created web applications with dynamically generated business graphs as well as MS Excel and MS Word output. For these support activities RhinoCorps continually receives high performance ratings during customer evaluations and has been recognized as part of the Sandia President’s Silver Quality Award team.

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