Archos Training

RhinoCorps offers a wide variety of support options for the Archos: Military Training Simulation to include training classes tailored for your organization as well as extensive documentation and phone support.

RhinoCorps provides Archos For Exercise Instructors and AdministratorsArchosEditor

This course offers in-depth training to provide exercise/event instructors and administrators the skills necessary to create and tailor missions, modify simulation parameters, execute stand-alone or collaborative training exercises and an overview of Archos’ AAR support tools. The Archos For Exercise Instructors and Controllers curriculum requires 35 hours of classroom and laboratory time to complete. Tuition is $3,750 per participant. At least three participants must be signed up to schedule a course. Discounts are offered for six or more participants.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Running Archos for Stand-Alone and Collaborative Training Exercises
  • Tactical Parameter Options
  • Playing Opposition Forces
  • Creating and Modifying Missions and Facilities
  • AAR Support Tools, Reports and Graphics

The stated price assumes that the course will be taught at RhinoCorps in our Albuquerque office. The course may be scheduled at a customers location for an additional cost which covers travel and set-up. While the course has been developed to be applicable to a broad set of circumstances the course may be customized to provide a more immediate and direct application to a particular customers’ performance requirements. Attendees should be proficient with computers and using text editors.

Archos allows Users to:

  • Create a fully automated simulation environment for conducting stand-alone or collaborative training exercises
  • Allows instructors to:
    • compose combat teams,
    • edit/develop training missions that include enemy and civilian responses,
    • modify tactical data,
    • and execute training missions all inside the constructive simulation training facility.
  • Model site specific tactics and environment involving humans, vehicles and multiple weapon systems
  • Simulate realistic reactions to orders, detection opportunities, communications and weapons effects that enable students to train realistically and efficiently
  • Emulate protective and attacking force behaviors
  • Reutilize existing facility architectural drawings
  • Visualize site model for line-of-sight checks and familiarization prior to deployment
  • Integrate with other training environments

Reports and Output covered during the class include:

  • Lethal Force© Detail
  • Lethal Force Summary for single and study cells
  • Death Plot©
  • Shot Plot©
  • Playback
  • Player Action Log©
  • Breach Time Detail©
  • Personnel Reports
  • Parameter Selection Report

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