Auditor Training

RhinoCorps offers a wide variety of support options for our Vanguard: Vulnerability Assessment Tool to include Auditor training classes.ports_x345_wireframe

Simajin/Vanguard Auditor Training

This course offers in-depth training to prepare the security auditor to effectively review Simajin/Vanguard input data and results. Simajin/Vanguard Auditor Training curriculum includes 20 hours of classroom time to complete. Tuition is $2,995 per participant. At least five participants must be signed up to schedule a course. Discounts are offered for six or more participants.

The training consists of two days of instructional material and demonstrations of the software, and continues into a third day where we explore aspects of the software and discuss data, process and simulation requirements of your choosing to support the inspection team’s understanding of how Simajin/Vanguard works and how you can better support inspections at sites that use Simajin.

The instructional material covers:

  • facility modeling,
  • attack plan construction,
  • defense plan modeling,
  • global parameters,
  • simulation execution,
  • and analysis of the results.

In the auditor training we use demonstrations by the instructor to illustrate concepts instead of requiring hands on work to do so. This makes the course information concentrated with less time spent operating the tools. A key part of the class covers accreditation of the simulation as applied to a users site and scenarios, which examines what processes a user should employ to verify that the simulation is configured and operating correctly. 

The stated price assumes that the course will be taught at RhinoCorps in our Albuquerque office. The course may be scheduled at a customers location for an additional cost which covers travel and set-up. While the course has been developed to be applicable to a broad set of circumstances the course may be customized to provide a more immediate and direct application to a particular customers’ performance requirements. Attendees should be proficient with computers.

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