Simajin and Simajin Training

OpEnvelopeRhinoCorps offers a wide variety of support options for Simajin and/or Simanij users that includes training classes tailored for your organization as well as extensive documentation and phone support.

Introduction to Simajin and Simanij

This course offers a broad overview of the Simajin architecture and concepts. In addition, it provides basic information for building simulations using Simajin and Simanij together. This is a two-day course that includes six modules and four hands-on laboratory assignments. This class is intended for those who want a detailed briefing of the capabilities and a basic understanding of how databases are built. This course costs $1,500 per participant, and at least three participants must be signed up to schedule a course.

The course modules include:

  • Terminology
  • Simanij
  • Physical Patterns
  • Cognitive Patterns
  • Episode
  • Analysis

Learning Simajin and Simanij

As a follow-on to the introductory course, Learning Simajin and Simanij offers in-depth training to prepare an analyst or simulation developer to develop Simajin databases and to use Simanij to manage simulations. The Learning Simajin and Simanij curriculum requires 90 hours of classroom and laboratory time to complete and can be arranged to be conducted in configurations varying from three to five weeks, depending on customer schedule and preference. This course includes classroom instruction, as well as hands-on laboratory assignments. The tuition for this course is $11,250 per participant, and at least three participants must be signed up to schedule a course. Discounts are offered for six or more participants.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Running Simajin
  • Simanij
  • Environment Database
  • Pattern Database
  • Episode Database
  • Exercise Database
  • Analysis using the Results Database

The course is priced to be provided at RhinoCorps Albuquerque office. The course may be scheduled at a customers location for an additional cost which covers travel and set-up. While the course has been developed to be applicable to a broad set of circumstances, the course may be customized to provide a more immediate and direct application to a particular customers performance requirements.

Customized classes are also available for each user/site’s specific needs.

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