Vanguard Advanced Training

RhinoCorps offers a wide variety of support options for our Vanguard: Vulnerability Assessment Tool to include training classes tailored for your organization as well as extensive documentation and phone support.

For existing clients that have already mastered the skills in the Vanguard, Simajin, and Simanij for Vulnerability Analyst course, RhinoCorps offers the Vanguard Advanced Analyst course.

This course offers a smaller, more lab focused class directed toward security analysts that want to increase their skills in authoring more challenging attack plans, defense strategies and facility modifications by focusing on new and existing concepts found in the Simajin/Vanguard physical security analysis framework. At the end of this course, students will be familiar with the advanced components of the Simajin/Vanguard framework and know how to use them to run and analyze physical security simulations. Additionally, a person completing this course will be able to develop/execute Simajin multiplayer exercises using Troupe and create/execute tours in a Primiri model.

The Vanguard Advanced Analyst curriculum requires 35 hours of classroom and laboratory time to complete. Tuition is $4,990 per participant. At least three participants must be signed up to schedule a course. Class size is limited to 5 students to ensure each student has their own Simajin/Vanguard workstation for lab exercises and abundant access to the instructor.

The course covers the following topics with an emphasis on vulnerability assessment:

  • Reviews of Advanced Features
  • Facility Modeling
  • Attack Plan Development (including advance tasks like branching and looping)
  • Defense Strategy Design (including more advanced defense modes)
  • Study Design and Analysis
  • Primiri and Troupe Setup and Use

The stated price assumes that the course will be taught at RhinoCorps in our Albuquerque office. While the course has been developed to be applicable to a broad set of circumstances the course may be customized to provide a more immediate and direct application to a particular customers’ performance requirements. Attendees should be proficient with AutoCAD and Simajin use and concepts.

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