Troupe: Multi-Player Enhanced Tabletop Training and Exercise Support


RhinoCorps’ Troupe offers a simulation-based multi-player training and exercise system that provides an enhanced tabletop experience driven by a high-fidelity simulation of security and emergency management operations. Based on Simajin/Vanguard, these multi-player tabletop exercises use a fully automated simulation to drive realistic security or emergency events with minimal support from real world participants. This approach focuses the activity in the exercise upon the training audience, and allows that audience to conduct drills or exercises much more frequently than live force-on-force exercises alone. Live exercises offer a tremendous value to security forces and emergency responders, but to conduct those exercises often is otherwise cost prohibitive due to time, personnel and supplemental security requirements.

The role players, immersed in the scenario, make real-time decisions concerning resources and tactics given the pressures of the events unfolding inside the simulation. Situational awareness for decision makers is realistically limited to the communications, sensors, and monitoring systems available to that person in the real world. The role player has both two and three-dimensional views of the facility and activity, which aids the user in understanding the site layout and provides a context for the exercises.

As the scenario progresses, an exercise controller can also generate exceptional conditions, add personnel and/or vehicles, and create ad hoc event-injects that allows the exercise to include dynamic conditions that enhance training value. These ad hoc conditions/events provide the exercise controller a tool to ensure the exercise properly stresses the training participant.

To support after action reviews, the tabletop simulation system provides extensive reports of events and decisions of players within the simulation, including those actions or orders given by the real-world people playing the role of a player within the simulation. Detailed analysis, plots, and summarizations of all weapons fire, player communication, and decision-making make it possible to understand the context of actions during the event and help refine responses and training to improve future results. Each exercise can also be played back graphically to provide an after-action review of the events as they unfolded. These details supply a complete record for comprehensive after action analysis and help evaluate the performance over time. These reports and replays can be used to train future security commanders and Emergency Operations Center participants

RhinoCorps’ Troupe tabletop simulation system provides the platform to conduct exercises and training with great flexibility, lower overall cost, more realism, and better value. Our tabletop simulation system integrates the activities of performance measurement, training/exercises and vulnerability assessments to support right sizing force levels and understanding how security and emergency response operations are impacted by compensatory measures during day-to-day operations.

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